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GET READY! Using Innovative Technology To Empower Financial Preparedness

Jan 24, 2024

Every interaction is a learning opportunity.  Listen to your audience/customer, irrespective whether you are a business or are an employer, attempt to truly learn more about your user base or your team. The more you understand the need, the better you will be able to serve. Roshni Chowdhry


Financial literacy is the first step, you then need to take action, and to be intentional.   Zach Blumenfeld

In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with Roshni Chowdhry (Head of Customer Experience) and Zach Blumenfeld (Director of Sales) of Cookiejarsavings about Cookie Jar’s innovative savings solution. We discussed how Cookie Jar integrates technology along with how innovative technology is changing the financial services community.

Roshni and Zach also shared their thoughts on the future impact of technology on financial preparedness.

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Connect with: Roshni Chowdhry and Zach Blumenfeld:

LinkedIn -  Roshni Chowdhry (here) and Zach Blumenfeld (here)


Roshni Chowdhry is the head of customer experience at Cookie Jar. With a bachelor's degree in commerce and business/accounting from the University of Mumbai, Roshni also earned a double MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai and from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Roshni is now based out of Dallas, Texas.

Zach Blumenfeld is the director of sales for Cookie Jar. With a passion for innovation and the startup landscape, Zach actively partners with employers to enhance their benefit packages. He is also the founder of CultureCon, an organization with a mission to inspire positive change around organizational culture. Zach received a degree in sports management from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities prior to pursuing his passions in the sales field.


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