Recommendations: The Top Financial Preparedness Advocates to Connect With:


While there are countless people talking about money, it can be challenging to know who to listen to.

Below are my recommendations of who to follow, what they talk about and why you should listen to them. They are all about helping you become educated, so you can take control of your money.

They are all dedicated to helping change the way we think about money. 

They will inspire you. They are who I learn from.

Alissa Maizes

Alissa Krasner Maizes, Esq. is the founder, fee-only fiduciary financial advisor, and financial literacy content creator for Amplify My Wealth and licensed attorney and Candidate for CFP® Certification. 

What she talks about:

All wealth-building personal finance topics.

Why should you listen to her?

As the Founder of Amplify My Wealth, I prioritize providing financial guidance as a fee-only fiduciary advisor, Candidate For CFP®️ Certification, and recipient of the 14th Annual Plutus Award for Best Financial Advisor Financial Literacy Content Creator. With a legal and financial advising background, I offer tailored solutions to Millennials, Gen Z, and women. I provide advice, a plan, and guidance at every step to remove wealth-building mindset barriers to achieve financial confidence regardless of your starting point. Beyond firm clients, I am committed to giving back by providing pro bono financial advice to clients of Savvy Ladies, serving not-for-profits by providing strategic fundraising plans and trusted free financial literacy tips and resources through collaborations and on my own. My approach is simple: everyone deserves access to quality financial guidance, and I am here to make that a reality, one client at a time.


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Joy Loverde

Joy Loverde is a Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Best-selling Author of The Complete Eldercare Planner, 4th Edition and Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?

What she talks about:

Family Caregiving and Aging Solo.

Why should you listen to her?

 Joy Loverde has a reputation for being a path carver and visionary. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Money, New York Times, and Psychology Today among many others. Interviews include the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, and NPR. Critics hail her work as “illuminating, eye-opening, and required reading for everyone over 40.”  The American Medical Association says The Complete Eldercare Planner “is the best we’ve seen.”



  • The Complete Eldercare Planner, Revised and Updated 4th Edition: Where to Start, Which Questions to Ask, and How to Find Help (Amazon)
  • Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old?: Plan Now to Safeguard Your Health and Happiness in Old Age (Amazon)

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Karen Holland

Karen Holland, Founder, Gifting, Where Kids Learn That Thinking Before Buying Is A Powerful & Rewarding Life Skill

What she talks about:

Karen helps people teach their kids to think before they buy.

Why should you listen to her?

Karen has been making learning about money immediately helpful to school-aged children for over 8 years through her early financial education Not-For-Profit, home of the DIMS - DOES IT MAKE SENSE?® SCORE Calculator. A free and safe online tool that introduces children to the habit of asking & answering simple questions about typical childhood purchases, before, anyone spends a dime. Karen worked for Canada's largest bank before having a family that is now grown up. She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Economic History. 

Gifting Sense was recognized at both the 2022 and 2023 Money Awareness & Inclusion Awards.

Resources: houses among other things:

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Laura Adams, MBA

Laura D. Adams, MBA, is an award-winning personal finance and small business author, podcaster, speaker, and spokesperson.

What Laura talks about:

Laura Adams helps audiences build financial lives they love through educational and inspirational content.

Why should you listen to her?

Laura Adams is one of the nation’s leading personal finance and small business authorities. She’s an award-winning author, speaker, and host of Money Girl, a top-rated weekly podcast with over 43 million downloads. She founded The Money Stack, a newsletter helping thousands build their bank accounts. As a frequent source for the national media, millions of viewers and readers benefit from her practical financial advice. Laura’s mission is to empower consumers to make smart money decisions through her speaking, spokesperson, and advocacy work. She received an MBA from the University of Florida and lives in Vero Beach, Florida.


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  • Debt-Free Blueprint: How to Get Out of Debt and Build a Financial Life You Love (Amazon)
  • Money Girl's Smart Moves to Grow Rich: A Proven Plan for Taking Charge of Your Finances (Quick & Dirty Tips) (Amazon)
  • Money-Smart Solopreneur: A Personal Finance System for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Side-Hustlers (Amazon)

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Check out my conversation with Laura Adams: Get Ready with Laura Adams: The Money Girl Philosophy (here)

Lawrence “Larry” Sprung, CFP®

 Lawrence “Larry” Sprung, CFP® is a husband, father, entrepreneur, author, and mental health advocate. He is the founder and wealth advisor at Mitlin Financial, Inc®, the author of the Amazon Bestselling book “Financial Planning Made Personal and host of the Mitlin Money Mindset®

What Larry talks about:

In 2004 Larry founded Mitlin Financial, Inc, a firm named in memory of his wife’s grandfather Mitchell and his mom, Linda. The Mitlin team helps the families they serve design their future while planning for JOY along the way.

Why should you listen to Larry?

Larry has appeared on numerous podcasts and in the media. He spent years on the Experian Twitter Credit Chat panel and has presented to romance authors at numerous conferences, speaking about financial planning and business structure.  He has received several industry recognitions, including being named an Investopedia Top 10 Advisor in 2022, Investopedia Top Advisor 100 in 2021 and 2023.  Remember to ask yourself “What did you do today that brought you joy?®


Financial Planning Made Personal: How to Create Joy And The Mindset for Success (Amazon)

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Mitlin Money Mindset.™ is a podcast that’s all about getting your mind right when it comes to all things money.

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Check out my conversation with Larry Sprung: The Get Ready Money Podcast with Larry Sprung: Money, Mindset and Finding Joy (here).

Marie Burns,CFP®

Marie Burns is a Women's Financial Advocate, Certified Financial Planner (CFP),  Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, Grandmother.

What she talks about:

Marie talks about how you can enjoy a happy, healthy life by focusing on Mind, Money, Motion.

Why should you listen to her?

Marie has been advocating for women’s financial health for over 20 years. She has helped clients with their financial lives in a fiduciary capacity in a bank setting, accounting firm, at Vanguard, at a financial planning firm and now writes, speaks, and educates women in her Mind, Money, Motion financial education business. She also has an independent advisory and investment management practice called Focus Point Planning. She is on the board of The Financial Awareness Foundation and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Greater Phoenix.


Marie offers checklists, blogs, videos, workshops and courses on her Mind Money Motion website (here). 


The Mind Money Motion Podcast: The Mind, Money, Motion podcast focuses on helping listeners worry less about money by getting financially organized and by keeping their mind and body healthy.

Podcast home page | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Spotify | Amazon Music


  • Itty Bitty® Getting Financially Organized Book: 15 Key Steps to Organizing your Financial Life (Amazon)
  • Your Amazing Itty Bitty® “Before” Financial Checklist: 15 Important Actions to Complete Before the Loss of a Loved One (Amazon)
  • Your Amazing Itty Bitty AFTER Financial Checklist: 15 Important Actions to Complete After the Loss of a Loved One (Amazon)
  • Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Getting Financially Organized Trilogy: Three Itty Bitty Books Combined to Organize Your Financial Life (Amazon)

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Check out my conversation with Marie on The Tony Steuer Podcast with Marie Burns: Mind, Money and Motion (here)

Nicole Vilaca

Nicole Vilaca is the founder and global citizen strategist at Work, Wealth and Travel.

What she talks about:

At Work, Wealth and Travel, we specialize in helping clients navigate the intricate world of tax optimization, citizenships, and residencies, ensuring you make informed decisions for a globally optimized future. 

Why should you listen to her:

Nicole Vilaca is an experienced global citizen. With a background as an expatriate, full-time traveler, and now a diversified global citizen, she offers valuable expertise in assisting clients with residency relocation, tax optimization, and citizenship acquisition. Having visited over 40 countries, Nicole possesses a profound understanding of diverse lifestyles, cultures, and investment opportunities abroad.

Free Resource:

 Top 5 Easiest Residencies (Including the $248 Residency You Can Get Online TODAY)


The Work, Wealth and Travel Podcast: a weekly show where we help you break free from the norm and create a life of freedom, adventure, and fulfillment.

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Prudence Zhu

Prudence Zhu, CPA/PFS, CDFA is an accessible Fee-only Financial Planner helping small business owners accelerate wealth through effective tax strategies and smart asset allocation

What she talks about:

Financial freedom is more than just wealth; it's about crafting a joyful life, making informed financial decisions with confidence, and leveraging resources to drive meaningful change. She’s on a mission to empower you to create your vision of financial freedom.

Why should you listen to her:

Prudence Zhu, CPA/PFS is the founder and CEO of Baoba USA. Hailing from rural China and settling in the US, Prudence's story is a tale of dreams, challenges, and tenacity. Landing in 2012 with the basics, she carved out her path to financial freedom by 2021, mastering the art of saving and investing. Now a proud mom in Phoenix, AZ, and the voice behind the YouTube channel Invest with Prudence, Prudence extends her wisdom through Baoba USA, offering tax advice and financial coaching. To her, financial freedom is not just a bank statement; it's about living with purpose, making informed decisions, and inspiring others to do the same.


Prudence offers webinars, quizzes, worksheets and a newsletter on her website (here)

LinkedIn Newsletter: The Life You Want and Beyond: Tax and Wealth Tips (here)

Webinars: Baoba Personal Finance Series (Eventbrite - here)

Worksheets: Cash Flow Statement Generator & Net Worth Tracker - Google Sheets (here)

YouTube Channel: Invest with Prudence (here)

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Check out my conversation with Prudence on The Get Ready Money Podcast with Prudence Zhu: Living A Life You Love (here)

Richard Ciarletta

 Richard Harris Ciarletta, Co-Founder, President and COO of Seedlyng Financial Literacy, education advocate, change agent and progress enthusiast for all in the areas of financial education, special education and financial literacy.

What he talks about:

Sharing insights on the importance of financial literacy in education and innovative approaches to teaching financial skills to students and adults in order for all to become financially independent and successful.

Why should you listen to him?

As the President, Co-Founder and COO of Seedlyng Financial Education, I bring over two decades of experience in education and entrepreneurship. I hold one of the first entrepreneurship and small business management degrees ever offered in the country from Baruch College in the City University of New York. With a deep passion for financial education and empowering students with essential life skills, I've led initiatives to revolutionize financial education in schools, impacting thousands of students. Through my expertise, all listeners of all ages can gain valuable insights into the significance of financial literacy and discover actionable strategies to integrate financial education effectively into academic curricula and real life.


Website and App: Seedlyng Financial Education

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Robin Taub, CPA

Robin Taub, CPA, is a keynote speaker and the award-winning author of The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to Be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life, available in both Canadian and US editions.

What she talks about:

Teaching the next generation to be responsible, independent and money-smart for life. I speak to wealth managers and their clients about the importance of financial literacy for the next generation.

Why should you listen to her:

A Chartered Professional Accountant by training, Robin Taub (pronounced TOBE) is also the mother of two mostly money-smart young adults. Her book, The Wisest Investment, was awarded “Best Adult Book of 2022” by The Institute for Financial Literacy. Robin Taub Financial Consulting was selected as an Excellence Awardee in the annual Wealth Professional Awards, in the category of IFSE Institute Award for “Financial Literacy Champion” in 2022 and 2024.


The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to Be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life (Amazon)

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