I’m passionate about changing the way we think about money. I love helping others make sense of the financial world in a way that is easy to understand. 

I get that we all don’t speak insurance-ese or financial-ese. As a financial guy with a knack for writing, my goal is to guide you through the insurance and financial worlds in a way that we can all understand so that we can make smart money choices. As a result, my first book, Questions and Answers on Life Insurance, was born in 2004 and opened up a new path for financial literacy by receiving an Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award. Since then, I’ve kept on writing about insurance and financial wellness. 

The world of finances and insurance is always changing. Stick with me, and I’ll keep you on top of the financial and insurance worlds so that you can make smart money choices.

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The Get Ready Blueprint

The Get Ready Blueprint is an essential 52-week planner that helps you understand your financial goals and create and achieve your own strong financial decisions. 

With this easy-to-use road map and clear action steps, you’ll gain an overall view of how everything in your financial life fits together and how to maintain it.


Get Ready!

Will help you no matter what your age or circumstance—whether you are new parents starting out in your careers, or mid stride with growing bank accounts, or thinking about retiring any day now. Everyone needs to keep track of their finances, and—as I learned the hard way—the best way to keep these records is updated and in one place (with a backup, of course).

This book is designed to be a financial companion. Whether you need to organize your finances in the event of a disaster (emergency evacuation) or when applying for a loan or reviewing assets for retirement, this book will make your life easier. It will also help you prepare for death or a situation in which someone has to step in to manage your financial life. Finally, it will help you maximize your existing resources by spotting any gaps in your financial plan while eliminating any unnecessary or duplicative financial products and services.


Questions and Answers on Life Insurance

For those who want to learn all about life insurance from the basic essentials to the finer points of life insurance and how it fits into your life.  My hope is that you will feel more in control of your life insurance and ready to implement and monitor your optimal life insurance portfolio.


Insurance Made Easy

The right insurance can make a big difference for you and those who depend on you. The secret to making this process pain-free is to take control by educating yourself and using that knowledge to save on your insurance premiums and obtain the right insurance to help you through a devastating loss to your income, health, home, auto, or life. If any of these are a risk to you, you need to insure that risk while also making sure you don’t overpay for coverage you don’t need.



My workbooks provide step-by-step guidance with space to write down your goals, notes and calculations. The workbooks are helpful either on a stand-alone basis or as companions.

The Questions and Answers on Life Insurance Workbook

Does the thought of life insurance give you a headache? Have you put off purchasing life insurance because you don’t know how to get started? Are you unable to fully understand the life insurance policies you’ve acquired or that someone else obtained for you? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this workbook will help you solve your life insurance woes and may save you a significant amount of money.


The Questions and Answers on Disability Insurance Workbook

An Easy To Follow Guide For Making The Best Disability Insurance Decisions

People often overlook the purchase of long-term disability insurance in their financial planning. This workbook will help you be able to protect yourself against the potential loss of income and to make sure that you can meet your cash flow needs in the event of a disability.

The Questions and Answers on Disability Insurance Workbook

The Questions and Answers on Insurance Planner

If you are faced with a devastating loss of life, health, income, home, or auto, having the right insurance in place can make a huge difference. Take control by educating yourself and using that knowledge to obtain the appropriate insurance and to save on your insurance premiums.