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Get Ready with Dana Mantilia: Protecting Your Identity

Jan 19, 2024

“We need to stop over sharing on social media. Every time we’re sharing something, it’s a piece of your personal information.” - Dana Mantilia 

In this episode of Get Ready, I spoke with Dana Mantilia, the founder of Identity Protection Planning about the importance of protecting your identity. Dana shared about how people can identify and protect themselves from identity theft. 

We also discussed the importance of why it’s important to have regularly monitor your identity.

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Connect with Dana Mantilia:

Website: (here)

LinkedIn: (here)


Dana Mantilla is the founder of Identity Protection Planning. Dana takes a different approach to cyber security. Instead of once a year, boring training that makes employees want to poke their eyes out, she helps create a workplace culture that embraces a positive cyber security culture. Dana also speaks to audiences large and small about how people can protect themselves, their families and their homes against cyber crimes.



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