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Get Ready! with Donna Bandelloni: The Value of Family Financial Meetings

Jan 21, 2024

“Be educated about sources of information, because knowledge is power and then live within your means. That to me, goes hand in hand.” - Donna Bandelloni

In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with Donna Bandelloni, who is an authority on Planned Giving. Donna and I discussed the value of having a family financial meeting and the importance of communication.

We also covered the importance of introducing money issues to children along with the concept of philanthropy.

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Connect with Donna Bandelloni:

Website: Heaton Smith Group,LLC. (here)

Email: Donna Bandelloni (email: donna at heatonsmithgroup dot com)

LinkedIn (here)


Donna’s super powers are communication and connecting people. Donna is a leader in the planned giving community and a frequent speaker on national planned giving webinars and at planned giving conferences across the country. Donna has just founded her new venture Genuine Giving. Donna is also a Senior Consultant at the Heaton Smith Group.  Donna has served as a director of gift planning for leading healthcare organizations and senior director of charitable gifts for world-leading financial institutions for more than 25 years.  Her capacity to lead and execute produced significant growth in gift planning programs for large healthcare foundations located in Northern California - the Lucille Packard Foundation for Children’s Health and the California Pacific Medical Center Foundation.  In addition, Donna held director positions at large financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch Trust, Wells Fargo Charitable Management, and Mellon Financial, and successfully expanded their charitable services to the nonprofit sector. 



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