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Get Ready with Kerry Hannon: Career Transitions and Women Taking Charge of Their Financial Planning

Jan 24, 2024

“A key thing is to always pay yourself first. It’s really easy, you’re paying bills and you forget to save, to invest, to put money aside for you and wish fund, you’re not saving for retirement, you’re saving for life.” - Kerry Hannon

In this episode of Get Ready!, I spoke with Kerry Hannon, Author, Speaker and Career Strategist about mid-life career transitions. We also discussed Kerry’s “She Leads Workshops”, that facilitates women having conversations with other women to raise awareness of issues and challenges they face in securing, protecting and growing their wealth.

Lastly, we covered Kerry’s advocacy work and testimony to Congress on older workers and the changing workscape, as well as the importance of women taking charge of their own financial planning.

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Connect with Kerry Hannon:

LinkedIn: Kerry Hannon (here)

Website: (here)


Getting the Job You Want After 50+  (Amazon

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy...and Pays the Bills (Amazon

In Control at 50+: How to Succeed in the New World of Work (Amazon

Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness (Amazon

Money Confidence: Really Smart Financial Moves for Newly Single Women  (Amazon)

Never Too Old To Get Rich: The Entrepreneurs Guide To Starting a Business Mid-Life (Amazon


Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized strategist on career transitions, entrepreneurship, personal finance and retirement. She is a frequent keynote speaker,  and TV and radio commentator. Kerry is the author of 13 books, including Never Too Old To Get Rich: The Entrepreneurs Guide To Starting a Business Mid-Life, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, Money Confidence, Getting the Job You Want After 50 and Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness. She is an expert columnist and regular contributor to The New York Times, PBS website Next, Forbes and MarketWatch.


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