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Get Ready with Lynn Demmons: Financial Confidence

Jan 19, 2024

“The #1 key take-away is to invest, to invest in yourself, to invest in whatever is the vehicle for you, investing in the stock market, investing in real estate, investing in life insurance - yes, that is an investment -  invest in you, so that you are educated and you are now empowered to make the right decisions for you and your family.” - Lynn Demmons

In this episode of Get Ready, I spoke with Lynn Demmons, CEO of Demmons Enterprise and host of the Financial Confidence Podcast about being confident with your finances.

We also discussed the Swing Into Their Dreams Foundation and the unique challenges for Historic Black College and University students.

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Connect with Lynn Demmons:

Demmons Enterprise Website (here)

Swing Into Their Dreams Foundation (here)

LinkedIn: (here)

Twitter: (here)

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Instagram: (here)


Financial Confidence Podcast: (here)


Lynn Demmons, CFO and Co-Founder of the Swing into Their Dreams Foundation is an author, keynote speaker, consultant, executive coach and CEO of Demmons Enterprise a professional development training company. Working with clients across the country, Demmons conducts group seminars and facilitates sessions for corporate and government executives, academia and not-for-profit organizations helping them to make their money, keep their money and grow their money. Her simple yet practical, systems empower clients to grow and focus on outcomes not incomes. As a result, her clients achieve the best financial life for their purposes. Demmons’ philosophy is “Be generous with what you have- no matter how big or small; results will follow.”



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