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GET READY! With Mike Pepe: Improving Life Insurance Review Best Practices with Technology

Jan 24, 2024

The bottom line is the Golden Rule, try to do the best thing for the client, treat them just like you want to be treated. And, really be passionate about what you do - Mike Pepe

In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with Mike Pepe, founder of Proformex (here) about Proformex’s life insurance policy management system.

We discussed how Proformex utilizes technology to enable insurance agents, financial advisors and trustees to more efficiently manage their customers life insurance policies. 

Mike and I also covered how Proformex is designed to expedite the policy review process and proactively clear customers of potential problems with their client’s life insurance policies. Mike also shared his thoughts on the future of best practices in the life insurance industry.

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Mike Pepe, the founder of Proformex, has two and a half decades of experience in the life insurance industry and thoroughly understands how important it is to protect families and legacies. As he built a successful life insurance practice, he discovered that over time, unmonitored costs of insurance, premium and crediting rate fluctuations could erode policy values and result in a premature policy lapse. He grew increasingly fixated on a single objective: protecting the policy owner’s interests by proactively monitoring the policy performance throughout the insured’s life and thus, the Proformex platform was born.


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