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Get Ready with Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko: Global Financial Literacy for Children

Jan 21, 2024

“You have to decide to make a conscious and intentional effort to obtain financial independence and once you do that, get all the resources that you can and you will be ready for any financial crisis.” - Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko.

In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko, the Executive Director of the Center for Financial Literacy Education (Africa) about financial literacy for children.

We also discussed trends in financial literacy education along with what’s unique about finance in Ghana and what are common financial issues across the globe.

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Peter Kwadwo Asare Nyarko is a Social Entrepreneur, Author, Founder and Executive Director of Center for Financial Literacy Education Africa. He is a Financial Literacy Advocate and Educator.  Peter is the Lead Ambassador for The Financial Awareness Foundation in Ghana. Peter and his team are championing “The Improving Financial Awareness and Financial Literacy Movement in Ghana and Africa.”



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