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Get Ready with Shennandoah Connor: Focusing On Your Client’s Perspectives

Jan 22, 2024

“It’s your story, you own it, you get to write the story that you’re going to tell, you get to write the story that you’re going to live” - Shennandoah Connor

In this episode, I spoke with Shennandoah Connor, Vice President of Strategy and Client Services at Connor Creative about how advisors can focus on their client’s perspectives and issues rather than their own. We discussed the application of behavioral economics to better serve clients.

We also discussed unique issues to women in the financial services industry.

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Connect with Shennandoah Connor:

LinkedIn: Shennandoah Connor (here)

Website: Connor Creative Co (here)



Shennandoah Connor is a graduate of the “get ‘er done” school of thought, Shennandoah Connor takes strategy and execution to the extreme, rapidly developing and implementing both client and company initiatives while maintaining high standards of excellence. Shennandoah actively writes and speaks on topics related to marketing, leadership, and business for many conferences and organizations including SXSW Interactive, Women in Finance, the Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects, the Society for Marketing Professional Services, the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy, and others.


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