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The Get Ready Money Podcast with Hirsch Serman: Creating Positive Outcomes During Transitions

Mar 27, 2024

🙌 On the latest episode of The Get Ready Money Podcast, I spoke with Hirsch Serman, Founder of Lifecycle Financial about changing the way we think about money and creating positive outcomes during times of change.

🧐 In this episode we discussed:

👉 Create positive outcomes by considering your values and goals.

👉 Living a values based life (focus on what bring you joy and fulfillment).

👉 Why you need to consider the long term consequences of all your options.

👉 The importance of starting early and the magic of compound interest.

👉 Being mindful with your spending.

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Hirsch Serman, MBA, CDFA®, CPA founded Lifecycle Financial, LLC through his personal financial experiences related to several life cycles including divorce and an aging parent.   He has worked in finance for over 20 years (including financial planning and tax) and has taught on the university level as well as conducted seminars for high school youth on personal finances.  Hirsch is a member of the American Institute of CPA's (AICPAs), the National Association of Divorce Professionals (The NADP), The Amicable Divorce Network, Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA), and the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM). Hirsch is the host of the Financial Wellness Hour radio show.


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