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The Tony Steuer Podcast with Benjamin Nathan Otchere: Why Financial Literacy is Critical to an Economy 

Jan 14, 2024

On the latest episode of The Tony Steuer Podcast, I spoke with Benjamin Nathan Otchere, author of The Financial Chalice about the basics of financial literacy. 

In this episode we discussed:

- His book ”Finance Chalice: Finance Articles for Beginners”

- The Rain Theory of Investment

- Financial issues seen across the globe

🎥 Watch this episode below: 


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Connect with Benjamin Nathan Otchere:


Social Media handles: 

Instagram: @otchereb44 / @moneyread_official

Facebook: Benjamin Nathan Otchere / @MRBFS

LinkedIn: Benjamin Nathan Otchere 


7 Lessons on Financial Freedom: Practical Wisdom to Make Wealth (Amazon)

Finance Chalice: Finance Articles for Beginners (Amazon

Deciding on Sensitive Issues: Factoring in God as part of decision making (Amazon)   


Benjamin Nathan Otchere is a thought leader in finance and investments, preacher, and author of The Finance Chalice series. Benjamin is currently a portfolio Analyst at SIC Financial Services Ltd, one of the top 5 fund managers ranked by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC-GHANA) in Accra-Ghana.



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