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The Tony Steuer Podcast with Dr. Barbara Provost and Maggie Nielsen: How Women Can Become Financially Fearless

Jan 18, 2024

“Start now and come to the table. Everyone wishes for a lot of things they could have done yesterday, but yesterday’s gone, so we have today. We have to come to the table and we have to own our finances. We’re the only ones who can take control.” - Maggie Nielsen.

In this episode, I spoke with Dr. Barbara Provost, founder of Purse Strings and Maggie Nielsen, partner at Purse Strings about how women can become financially fearless. 

We also discussed why women can feel overlooked and how an advisor can transition from being a sales person to being a trusted advisor.

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Connect with Dr. Barbara Provost and Maggie Nielsen:

Purse Strings Website: (here)

LinkedIn: (here); Dr. Barbara Provost (here); Maggie Nielsen (here)

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Dr. Barbara Provost is a consultant, educator, advisor to the World Bank and founder of Purse Strings. Maggie Nielsen is a partner at Purse Strings and is focused on empowering young women to be in the financial conversation. Purse Strings was designed to teach financial professionals how to reach, engage, and earn the female dollar.



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