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The Tony Steuer Podcast with Josh Fontanilla: The Importance of Financial Literacy for College Students

Jan 15, 2024

On the latest episode of The Tony Steuer Podcast, I spoke with Josh Fontanilla, host of the Tip Jar Podcast about how financial literacy can be introduced into the educational system. 

In this episode we discussed:

- YouNancial and its impact

- Why college students need financial literacy now more than ever

- The intersection between financial literacy and hip-hop

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Connect with Josh Fontanilla:


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The Tip Jar (archive - not active):


Josh Fontanilla is the host of the Tip Jar Podcast to promote financial literacy and professional/personal development. Josh was a member of the Younancial financial literacy platform and served as the Chief Investment Officer of the Spartan Fund. Josh is currently also a business development representative at LivePerson.



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