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The Tony Steuer Podcast with Marie Burns: Mind, Money and Motion

Jan 18, 2024

“Knowing what you have and then understanding as much as you can as a foundation for making wise financial decisions going forward.” - Marie Burns

In this episode, I spoke with Marie Burns, author and host of of the Mind, Money, Motion podcast about the the inter-relationship between our mindset, money habits, and the motion of our mind and body. 

We also discussed challenges for women with financial literacy and how people can start their own mind, money and motion journey.

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Marie Burns, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), has been advocating for clients’ financial health for 20 years. Originally from Wisconsin, she has helped clients with their financial lives in a fiduciary capacity in a bank setting, accounting firm, at Vanguard, at a financial planning firm and now writes, speaks, and educates as a financial advocate in her Mind, Money, Motion business and also has an independent advisory and investment management practice called Focus Point Planning. She is on the board of The Financial Awareness Foundation, a member of the Financial Planning Association of Greater Phoenix, on the board of the Senior Advocacy Group of Ahwatukee, on the Women’s Leadership Committee at Mountain Park Church in Ahwatukee, author of a financial checklist book series, and podcast host of Mind, Money, Motion.



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