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The Tony Steuer Podcast with Sheila Mmboga: The Importance of Financial Wellness

Jan 18, 2024

Always have a budget and an emergency fund. Having an emergency fund will cushion you against unforeseen issues that may arise.” - Sheila Mmboga.

In this episode, I spoke with Sheila Mmboga, founder of the Financial Wellness Centre about the importance of financial wellness. 

We also discussed trends in financial literacy education along with what’s unique about finance in the United Arab Emirates and what are common financial issues across the globe.

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Sheila Mmboga is a financial literacy advocate, Economist,  Entrepreneurship Consultant and founder of The Financial Wellness Centre in the United Arab Emirates. Sheila is also the host of Financial Wellness with Sheila Mmboga.Her exemplary work in financial and business consultancy has resulted to her being featured on various local and international business platforms. 



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