Let's be honest, organizing and planning your financial life can be overwhelming. With advice all over the place it can feel difficult to know where to start, let alone how to keep going.

If you desire to take control of your finances and feel empowered around your money, I am here to help you in a systematic, non-jargon filled, easy way. 

Hi I am Tony Steuer...

author, podcaster, and financial preparedness advocate. I’m passionate about changing the way we think about money.


It all started, when I was working at my first job.

I realized that most people did not understand what they were buying, had no idea how to monitor it and that their products often had nothing to do with their goals. People lacked healthy money habits. And this was everyone including well educated professionals, rich or poor.

I became dedicated to financial education with a focus on best practices. In other words that we need to help people learn, so they can make informed choices. 

I believe I was put on this planet to help people change the way they think about money. 

The words I live by are: You don't want to be the best at what you do, you want to be the only one. Jerry Garcia. 

Why I do what I do: I do what I do because I believe that everyone should understand their money. I believe that we need to change the way we think about money. And that we should all be treated with respect. 

I bet you’d never guess that….

  • I was a whitewater raft guide

  • I was part of an improv comedy group

  • I’m a Deadhead (Grateful Dead Fan)


The Get Ready method isn't going to make you cut out your daily latte or reprimand you for any actions you’ve taken up to this point. I believe we start now, from where ever you are and we move forward in a spirit of support and possibility! 

I have developed the Get Ready Money Club to empower and educate you on topics ranging from personal finance to insurance. The Get Ready Money Club also integrates others who are changing the way we think about money including financial advisors, insurance agents, financial coaches.  

I believe that we are all responsible for our actions and have a responsibility to be educated.

I also believe that advisors and financial services companies have a duty to act with integrity through best practices. I created The Get Ready! Financial Standards to help financial consumers and members of the  financial services industry get on the same page.

Learn more about The Get Ready Financial Standards


Your advisor should act in your best interest: (to the best of their ability).

Keep in mind that some advisors are fiduciaries while others are not. Insurance agents are also not fiduciaries and are agents of the Insurance Company. An advisor’s recommendation should not be influenced by commissions, bonuses or other incentives (cash or non-cash). An advisor should not collect a fee and a commission from the same client for the same work.


You should receive customized service appropriate to your needs and goals:

Your potential financial needs should be reviewed for each type of financial product under consideration and take into account any existing financial products. Any new recommended products must fill a need (gap in your financial plan). Any replacement of an existing financial product must be carefully reviewed with all pros and cons considered and presented in writing to the consumer.

You have free choice:

You have the right to receive multiple competitive options and to choose your advisor, product and company. Advisors, brokers, and companies must inform you in simple language of your options when you are opening a new financial account or buying a new financial product. Different types of products are available, and you have the right to know how each option affects your costs and for insurance, what your coverage would be in the event of a claim.

You should receive an answer to any question:

You’re the buyer, you have the right to ask any question and to receive an answer. The answer should fully and completely address your question and/or concern in full and be understandable. If you don’t understand something, you as the buyer have a duty to ask questions, and if you still don’t understand, you shouldn’t buy that financial product.

You have the right to pay a fair price (or premium):

Full disclosure on how product costs along with how insurance policy premiums are calculated and the impact of different risk factors specific to the type of coverage proposed. Also, information should be provided on factors that may reduce or increase costs in the future.

You should always be informed:

You should receive complete and accurate information in writing. Anything said or promised orally must be put in writing. This includes full information on any recommended financial service company including name, address, phone number and website.

You should expect to be treated fairly and respectfully:

You should receive an answer to any question. This includes the right not to be pressured If there is a deadline, the reason must be presented. If an offer is too good to be true, then it most likely is too good to be true. Advisors and Companies should keep information private and confidential.

You have the right to full disclosure and updates:

To receive notice of any changes in any of your financial products in easy to understand language along with any relevant changes in the marketplace. All relevant information and disclosure requirements (required or not) on an financial product must be presented to the client. To receive in writing a summary of all surrender charges, length of surrender period and any additional costs for early termination. In any replacement situation, all pros and cons must be submitted in writing.

You should receive quality service and fair resolutions (including claims handling):

To have your needs and goals to be reviewed at any time upon request, whenever a major event would have an impact coverage and at least annually. To determine if changes have occurred with the client or in the marketplace that would dictate changes to the financial products in place. For insurance, this includes prompt assistance on any claims.

You should be able to change or cancel a financial service and to be notified of any change:

In a simple and easy way without any unreasonable restrictions or hassles, subject to the terms and conditions of the financial product or service. You should also be notified of any changes in writing within a timely manner.