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Change the way you think about money and take control of your financial life. No fluff. No skipping lattes. No judgement. An easy (and free) way to organize and monitor your money with weekly action items and 100+ worksheets. 


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Imagine knowing how to... 


🕹️ Take control of your money with The Get Ready Money Club.


🏗️ Build smart habits: Learn what works (and what doesn't) to reach your financial dreams.


🧭 Chart your path to success: Define your goals and shift your money mindset.


🧐 Ask the right questions: Empower yourself by learning how to ask the right questions. Asking the right questions will get you the right answers. 


🗄️ Organize your finances: The Get Ready Method provides a framework for integrating all financial products, financial advice and advisors.


🗓️ Monitor: The Get Ready method is an innovative, open-source, plug and play calendar system with weekly action items for you to help you keep all areas of your financial life up to date and on track.


🗣️ Talk about money: Learn how to have money conversations.


🙌 Join The Get Ready Money Club And change the way you think about money. 

Weekly action items to help you organize and monitor all areas of your financial life

Monthly Focus Area 1: Habits and Planning

You’ll feel empowered with the Get Ready Habits to start your journey to changing the way you think about money. Defining your goals and priorities will make sure that your money works for you.

Week 1: Review the Get Ready Habits 

Week 2: Define your goals  & priorities 

Week 3: Plan for life stages

Week 4: Forecast upcoming life events

Monthly Focus Area 2: Be Prepared

You’ll feel at ease that you can find the financial documents you need, when you need them. You and your family will be prepared with a basic plan in the event of an emergency

Week 5: Organize Your Financial Documents 

Week 6: Declutter Your Documents

Week 7: Update Your Home Inventory

Week 8: Critical Emergency Action List

Monthly Focus Area 3: Your Team

Communicating with your family will help everyone be on the same page. You’ll know that your family is familiar with your wishes. Be confident that you are taking care of the next generation

Week 9: Have a Family Financial Meeting

Week 10: Have a family transition meeting

Week 11: Review your advisory team 

Week 12: Review Your Support for the next Generation

Week 13: Quarter 1 Reflection

Monthly Focus Area 4: Cash Flow

Understanding your income and expenses will empower you. You’ll be able to see your cash flow in one place.  Seeking balance will help you meet your goals. 

Week 14: Define Your Total Income 

Week 15: Review your Expenses  

Week 16: Create a Cash flow statement

Week 17: Balance Savings, Expenses and paying off debt

Monthly Focus Area 5: Net Worth

Ensure that you are on the right track for a healthy financial life. Understand how you can manage your debt. Know the value of what you own.

Week 18: Review your Checking and Savings Accounts 

Week 19: Review Your Property and Assets

Week 20: Review Your Debts

Week 21: Update Your Net worth statement

Monthly Focus Area 6: Strategy Review

Feel confident that you have a strategy in place to meet your goals. Take control by becoming an organized investor rather than an investment collector. Feel at ease knowing that you’ve got a rainy day fund.

Week 22: Review Your Savings Strategy

Week 23: Check Your Rainy Day Fund 

Week 24: Review Your Investment Policy Statement

Week 25: Prepare for taxes

Week 26: Quarter 2 Reflection

Monthly Focus Area 7: Are you protected?

Feel secure knowing that you will have the right coverage in place. Reduce your insurance premiums by optimizing your coverage. Know that you have a solid foundation for your financial plan.

Week 27: Review Your Auto Insurance

Week 28: Review Your Homeowner and Renters Insurance

Week 29: Review Your Health & Medicare Insurance

Week 30: Review your Disability Insurance

Monthly Focus Area 8: Your legacy

Feel good about knowing that you’re protecting your legacy. Communicating your wishes will help make sure that they are met. Know that you’ve provided for your loved ones with life insurance.

Week 31: Review beneficiaries

Week 32: Review Your Wills and Trusts

Week 33: Review Your Powers of Attorney & Directives

Week 34: Review Your Life Insurance

Monthly Focus Area 9: Financial Independence

Be confident that you have a plan and are on your way to financial independence. Know that you are maximizing your retirement plans. Feel good that you’re maximizing your passive income

Week 35: Review your Social Security statement 

Week 36: Check your retirement plans

Week 37: Maximize Your Passive Income 

Week 38: Check That You’re on Track For Financial Independence

Week 39: Quarter 3 Reflection

Monthly Focus Area 10: Find Value

Feel good that you’re making your money go further. Be confident that you are optimizing the full value of your compensation and benefits. Understand how you can decrease your tax burden

Week 40: Review Your Total Compensation Statement 

Week 41: Review your Employee Benefits 

Week 42: Optimize Your Spending

Week 43: Check Your Tax Burden

Monthly Focus Area 11: Monitor your personal information

Be empowered to understand how your information impacts your financial life. Take control by protecting yourself from scams.

Week 44: Review your Credit reports 

Week 45: Check your Credit scores(s)

Week 46: Order Consumer reports

Week 47: Protect Yourself From Frauds and Scams

Monthly Focus Area 12: Wrap Up Loose Ends

Feel good about your charitable giving. Be surprised by finding missing money. Be confident that you’re taking care all your end of year items. 

Week 48: Review Your Charitable Giving

Week 49: Search for Unclaimed property

Week 50: Review End of year Items

Week 51: Be Mindful of These Money Myths

Week 52: Quarter 4 Reflection


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Tony Steuer, CLU, LA, CPFFE is an internationally recognized financial preparedness advocate, award-winning author, podcaster and fintech advisor. Tony’s mission is to help people get ready and stay prepared. He’s dedicated to changing the way we think about money.


Tony developed the Get Ready Money Club to empower and educate people on all areas of personal finance. The Get Ready Method empowers people to take control of their money while providing a framework for integrating financial products, advice and advisors.

Tony is also an advisor at Insurance Nerds, Paperwork and Dingo Technologies. Meanwhile, he is a Judge for the 2023 & 2024 Finder Innovation Awards, as well as a Finalist in Thought Leadership & Education for ThinkAdvisor’s LUMINARIES Class of 2022. Tony is also a founding member of the Financial Literacy Advocates for Good group on He served as a long term member of The California Department of Insurance Curriculum Board as well.

Tony shares his trailblazing thought leadership on financial preparedness as a contributor for leading media outlets, expert content reviewer for Nerdwallet, Forbes and Bankrate and a guest/contributor for ABC’s Seven on Your Side, Cheddar TV, New York Times, the Washington Post, Fast Company, Chicago Tribune, CNBC, and Fox Business News. His podcast, The Get Ready Money Podcast, is another way to absorb his expertise.

Tony’s books, including The Get Ready Blueprint, Get Ready! A Step-By-Step Planner for Maintaining Your Financial First Aid Kit, Insurance Made Easy, Questions and Answers on Life Insurance, The Questions and Answers on Life Insurance Workbook, The Questions and Answers on Disability Insurance Workbook and The Questions and Answers on Insurance Planner, have won numerous awards, including five awards for Excellence in Financial Literacy Education. His books are used in college courses, financial planning certification courses, insurance agency training and financial planning firm resource libraries.